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We have have come a long way.
Learn about what has made us great at what we do.

New Pizza Factory’s family style Pizzas, Fish pakora, Wings, and Pastas have lived in the heart of our customers. We are always reinventing our recipes according to our customers preferences. At New Pizza Factory, you are always welcomed into a friendly environment with the aroma of our amazing recipes. You will always be welcomed with open arms as we love all our customers.

Our products are freshly prepared on a daily basis which allows us to provide our customers with fresh great tasting products.

We keep our menu simple so that we are able to focus on the quality of our product. Our commitment can be seen in all of our ingredients from our fresh homemade dough, fresh packed tomato sauce, to our 100% mozzarella cheese and many other premium ingredients. We don’t use vacuum packed vegetables on our pizzas. Only the freshest and flavorful vegetables are good for New Pizza Factory.

We also serve freshly cooked pastas/salads/appetizers and others. Call us today for better pizza and more. Once you come for dine in or take out you will be addicted to come often.

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To serve quality.

As a restaurant, pizza maker, employer, business partner and caring company, New Pizza Factory delivers. 

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